We Program

soft microrobots
using focused light

We Control

systems for precise actuation

in neurosurgery

We Design

microgrippers at the

single cell scale

We Build

new tools for


Learn more about our research

in small-scale robotics


  • 3D¬† programmable microrobot fabrication technology
  • Magneto-acoustic systems
  • Actuation of soft-magnetic microgrippers


Actuation, Control, and Tracking

  • Design of magnetic actuation systems
  • Multi-robot control
  • Ultrasound localization and tracking of capsule microrobotic agents

Microrobots for Medical Applications

  • Cable-less, magnetically-driven forceps for minimally invasive surgery
  • Magnetic force amplification using string transmission
  • Magnetic locking mechanisms for tendon actuated continuum robots
  • Capsule delivery systems

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