Potential Students


Graduate Students

I love working with graduate students, and value creating a supportive environment for my research group. I am always looking for exceptional potential students to join our group.

I typically take a few new students each year, typically starting in September. Hiring decisions are made by individual faculty members.

You can contact me by email if you are interested in joining our lab as a graduate student for a MASc or PhD. Please include your CV, transcripts and any examples of your work.

You are invited to apply to the MIE department by the deadline.

As I receive a large number of emails asking about potential positions, I am sadly not able to respond to all emails. If I have not responded to your email, you can still apply to our program and I will look at all of the applications in our system.


Undergraduate Students

We typically are able to hire a few undergraduate students in the summer for an internship. Students joining the lab for the summer must have a funded fellowship, such as the NSERC undergraduate research fellowship, UofT research award, or MIE department award, or MITACS Globalink Fellowship. 

You can contact me by email. Besides excellent grades, I am usually looking for students with demonstrated experience with hands-on projects, for example through a club or independent project. 

Exceptional UofT undergraduate students can also join the lab for a 4th year thesis project. The most successful projects often come from students who first do a summer internship with us before their 4th year.