The Microrobotics lab at the University of Toronto focuses on small-scale robotics and bio-inspired novel locomotion systems. The main features are fabrication and control relating to remote actuation of micro-scale devices using magnetic fields, micro-scale robotic manipulation, smart materials, and swimming at low Reynolds number. The goal of the lab is to develop tools and techniques for accessing small, confined or remote environments for applications in biotechnology, healthcare and advanced manufacturing.

Microrobotics Lab 2016

Group photo 2016 (From left to right: Onaizah Onaizah, Zhe Li, Patrick Ryan, Jiachen Zhang, Sajad Salmanipour, Mohammad Salehizadeh, Eric Diller (lab leader), and Dongsub Shim.)


Group photo 2015 (From left to right: Jiachen Zhang, Zhe Li, Patrick Ryan, Omid Youssefi, Piyush Jain, Eric Diller (lab leader), Mohammad Salehizadeh, Ahmed Ujjainwala.)