The Microrobotics lab at the University of Toronto is developing the next generation of tiny robots which can be wirelessly piloted. We are focused on enabling a radically-new approach to non-invasive medical procedures, micro-factories and new scientific tools. To achieve this we are shrinking the mechanical and electrical components of robots to centimeter, millimeter or even micrometer size.

Based on an understanding of the scaling of physical forces and our development of novel microfabrication and control techniques, we use magnetic fields and other smart-material actuation methods to make mobile functional devices. We envision a future where drug delivery and surgery can be done in a fast, painless and focused way, and where new materials and devices can be manufactured using swarms of tiny gripping, cutting, and sensing wireless robots.

Check out our “Research” and “Publications” pages for a few examples of what we are working on to make these ideas reality!

Group photo Summer 2017 (From left to right: Peyman Shokrollahi, Omid Youssefi, Jiachen Zhang, Sajad Salmanipour, Mohammad Salehizadeh, Onaizah Onaizah, Eric Diller (lab leader), Jessica Campos, Tianqi Xu.)


Group photo Winter 2016 (From left to right: Onaizah Onaizah, Sajad Salmanipour, Omid Youssefi, Eric Diller, Seifeldin Hassan, Tianqi Xu, Mohammad Salehizadeh, and Jiachen Zhang.)

Microrobotics Lab 2016

Group photo Spring 2016 (From left to right: Onaizah Onaizah, Zhe Li, Patrick Ryan, Jiachen Zhang, Sajad Salmanipour, Mohammad Salehizadeh, Eric Diller, and Dongsub Shim.)

Group photo 2015 (From left to right: Jiachen Zhang, Zhe Li, Patrick Ryan, Omid Youssefi, Piyush Jain, Eric Diller, Mohammad Salehizadeh, Ahmed Ujjainwala.)